Werewolf Direction


As One Direction goes from dimension to dimension for their tours, they find all of their mates.

Liam’s mate is soft and kind yet bad battles a fight between herself and her wolf and other powers of her.

Niall’s mate is strong but cuddly and is fighting for her freedom from being the Luna of her pack.

Louis and Zayn mates are fighting two sides of the war.

And Harry is trying to figure out what his mate is, human she is not.

Not just that but Kiera’s “enemy” is going after them and her pack. They all come together to fight for love and freedom as secrets come out from all of them. Can they trust each other? Will Kiera become Luna? Or will she be finally be happy and safe along with Niall? Can Liam help Courtney overcome her battles with herself? Will Harry’s mate be true with him? Can Zayn be trusted with his mate? Will Louis’s mate fight with him?

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Werewolf Direction or Werewolf Direction Rewritten