Meet Christian Buresh

A Prospective English/Language Arts Teacher

A Brief Intro

I'm a student at Chadron State College currently pursuing a degree in English/Language Arts. I'm a native of Iowa, but I came to CSC from Belle Fourche, SD, the geographical center of the United States. This is my fourth year in college, and I hope to be finished shortly. I’ve performed observational experiences during my time in the Education Department (100 hours). For most of these, I’ve delivered short mini-lessons which acted as a supplement to the cooperating teacher’s lesson plan. I’ve also trained employees at my place of employment. I’m the third of four siblings, so teaching experiences was limited in that regard. I hope to teach English/Language Arts to high school students, preferably 11th-12th grade students. For a creative project, I’m currently working on a novel based on my life as a teenager.