Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

September 25, 2015

Important Dates

Picture Day

Wednesday, September 30th

Spirit Wear Orders Due

Wednesday, September 30th

Field Trip Permission Slips

Due Friday, October 2nd

Midway Village Field Trip

Thursday, October 8th

No School

Friday, October 9th and Monday, October 12th

Fall Party

Our classroom's fall party will be on Friday, October 30th at 2:00. I am looking for a parent to help organize the party. If you are able to help, please let me know. Thank you!

Paws Pride

Our PAWS Pride lesson this week focused on the Conley matrix. This is a tool that displays expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible in different locations around the school. Each class reviewed the matrix to remind students to use their PAW behavior everywhere when in school


By: Hayley Hackbert

What we learned this week in science is about doing a clarisketch for are animals that we researched last week. My animal was a pika it is a cousin to a squirrel and they live in the northwest forests on the top of the mountains. We made a google drawing about the animals we picked from are researched forms that we did last week. We also did them in groups, and my group was Gracie and Lilly. We all had to pick different animals we researched. Gracie picked black bear, Lilly picked owl, and I picked pika. Today we practice doing are clarisketch’ s. We practice talking are paragraphs in our heads or whispering quietly to a partner.

Before we did the google drawing and clarisketch we researched the animals and some plants, and we had to write them down on a poster to decide which animals we wanted to do for our research. My group did poison ivy for are habitat northwest forests and other people did their animals and plants we researched five animals and one plant. My group watched videos and searched other things on videos. I like to do science because you get to learn fun things.

Language Arts

This week in language arts we made a parody to nursery rhymes with a partner. A parody is a remaking of someone else’s work and making it funnier. My partner was Alyssa Olson we made a parody to humpty dumpty, but we called it grumpy bumpy. In spelling we are having are test on friday each week we have 20 spelling words on challenge there are 5 but they’re harder. This week we also had vocab words and our vocab words this week are badger,bank,bristled,jointed,patched,ruffled, and rushes. We practice all of this every day.

By: Lilly Grosse


The problem this week was that we should switch stations without talking. Did you have reading when you were in school? Daily 5 is a reading session where kids can do different part of literacy. We have to do RS,R,WW,W,and T that's how much we have to do. Reading is fun because everyone is quiet well almost everyone. I have fun because I get to read with people, which is something is something I enjoy doing .We should be a little bit more Respectful to people that are concentrating on reading or other stuff. Reading is a life skill because if you don’t know how to read you can’t do anything. Mrs.Lanham splits us in groups and I am the yellow group.The skill we learned for word analysis was -ing.

By: Ben Gaus


By: Anelly Johnson

This is what we learned this week for specials:
In music we learned about a staff moving by steps, space note, line note, and octave . What we did is we put lines in order like in octave or line notes space notes. We have all been learning song from Canada called cubara and we been looking for the octavia in the songs .How many notes are in a octave?

In Art we been finishing are art to remember we were drawing the ocean with sea life and we been doing fun art project like we did the abc connecting and making them really cool and funky.

Mrs.Davis is really nice, and in the future I know we will do fun things. In art were now doing are final copy of the abc picture were making them more bolder and colorful. We also have been talking about the difference about bubble letters and bolder letters. How do you remember the difference about bubble letters and bolder letters?

In P.E we been doing test like curl ups, push ups, and today we did the shuttle run. In curl ups it was easy we had someone hold the mat for us and after we were done we got told what we did wrong after that. when it was are push up test we learned the form where have to be in and how we go up and down with his voice . In the shuttle run we were being timed. We have to put the shuttle behind the green line we were racing against each other . The thing that we did was we have to get the shortest time. What was your shortest time ?


By: James

This week we used raisins to find maximum, minimum, mode and mean. We played math card games, and one was called Name that Number. We did math boxes so we could get better at math. I am good at adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. What is 30 divided by 2?

The answer is: 15