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Your Voice is Needed...Proposed State Plan changes, cut speech services for future 3 year olds

Please make sure to read the attached document. Feel free to share it with anyone who might be passionate about providing speech services to 3 year olds. Your comments do matter!

Special Education PrAT (Process Action Team)

We are working to build a folder to house all Special Education related information. This is one really BIG project. We will most likely do some of this work on a time sheet this summer, but we will definitely get started now. Please let me know if you are willing to serve on this team.
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PEAK Grant time

If you are interested in writing a PEAK Grant, it is pretty easy and super exciting to get the grant awarded!!

ECSE Final Expenditure Report

Approved this week! We billed the state for $3,909,303.60 for the 2017-18 Special Education services we provided for children 3-PreK.


We shared the below document with you to record the activity your collab group is hosting. Please make sure to get with Andrea or Kim to order your supplies. We will be working on a map once all activities are published and we see how much room each activity needs. Also, watch for a flier, please share with families.

Locations for 2019-2020

Due to the changes in boundaries and attendance, we are no longer able to stay at TRE next year. Those four classrooms will move to WLE. We have not sent this information to parents yet, so please keep this information to yourself.

I am not aware of any other moves at this time.

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I just need to take a moment

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful difference we all get to make in this job that we do....I am so fortunate to sit in this seat with this amazing view of what you each do for children and families....sometimes I am simply overwhelmed by the grace, the care, the kindness and heart that you all put out there for children, families and your school family.

You inspire me! Please take just a bit of time for you this weekend!

Where in the world are Jeanie and Kerry?

Monday - Jeanie here, Kerry TRE mtg at 11:30 w/ Dr Carpenter, Kerry 1-2:00 SLC Early Lit Mtg.

Tuesday - Dr Kephart here 9-11:00, both here

Wednesday - both here

Thursday - Kerry SLC for ALT Mtg. 8-11:00, Jeanie joins at SLC for Elementary Admin Mtg 11-1:00, Screen Time Evening event 6:30-7:30

Friday - Kerry SLC for ESY mtg. 8-9:00,