Filipino Diaspora to English Realms

IELTS Review ----- A penny for the thoughts of an IELTS guru

Most Filipinos have been studying English for 14 or more years and some others may have been using the language more often than their native tongues. In spite of the fact that it is often used, many Filipinos still have difficulty in constructing a sentence. In my experience, it is not the unskillfulness that makes it difficult for most of us to communicate in English but it is the hesitation of using the language due to lack of confidence.

It goes to show that we have the edge in global capitalism where English is the gold standard. We have topped the Business Process Outsourcing industry with 450,000 Filipinos employed; we also are scaling up in the education sector with a number of language facilities attracting some 30,000 non-locals to learn English by our globally competent English teachers.

More so, many other industries opt to employ Filipinos for their effective English communication skills. Regardless of whatever industry a Filipino is in, whether they are employed in-country or overseas, we all communicate well in English to our foreign counterparts with all the best we can. Among those many Filipinos who have been evaluated by that business index, we have an entire 93.5% educated workforce who never cease making our messages heard, loud and clear, with much distinction that we too can surface amidst a competitive environment. So if all those statistics have proven well of many Pinoys’ speaking prowess, we now must contemplate by asking ourselves the old adage: If others can do it, why can’t we?

Nonetheless, this does not encourage Pinoys to come up proud and babble around like they know all things so well. This is just to uplift that dying Filipino talent just because they do not speak the language well enough. We should not end up hopeless; there will always be something, somewhere that would pave the way for us to improve. With that, language facilities and communication training centers are available in almost every corner of the metro. It is up to us to decide which would work best for us.

To those aspiring to work in English speaking countries (USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia), we all have to gain proficiency of the language and one way to prove that is by taking language exams like TOEFL iBT and IELTS.

Also, it is a good thing to know that we are globally competitive in terms of communication skills but it is best to arm ourselves with the certificate proving we have the proficiency.

We have to muster the inner courage to speak with confidence and if we cannot find that within ourselves, then shot a fire of help.

In answer to the plea, a center that will always be ready to help you with all your English examination needs is

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They conduct English training programs which will help you ace the TOEFL iBT andIELTS examinations.
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We all have been doing well in almost all sectors with the aid of proficient English; we do not want anyone to get left behind in this massive migration from just a blot of ink in the map now to a dominant force in the global market.

So before everyone else in the world surpasses ahead of you in the communication arena, do yourself a favour, stand up and get yourself going by taking the first step in gaining the confidence thereby improving your skills. Learn English the better and fun way with UTEST REVIEW CENTER!