Founding Father Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin was one of three people to sign the Treaty of Paris. He also helped write the Declaration of independence. Benjamin was a father of one son who became the governor of New Jersey. Also he invented things such as bifocals, the Franklin stove, the glass harmonica, and the lightning rod. He found on the one- hundred dollar bill as well.

How did Benjamin help with the Constitution?

When Benjamin was helping with the constitution he was roughly 81 years of age, which made him the oldest delegate at the convention. There was many different ideas about how the constitution should be formed. Franklin thought executive power was to strong to be put into one mans hands, and a committee would be a much better option. On the other hand for the Legislative branch he liked the idea of a unicameral legislature, the practice of having one legislature. The majority of the group did not agree with his wants on this. He also was involved with the problem know as the "Great Compromise." Larger states would have their way in the lower house of the legislature, where representatives would be selected according to population. The upper house senate would have an equal number of senators from each state. Finally in 1787 the constitution was completed although many delegates weren't very happy.

What did Benjamin do for a living?

Benjamin Franklin had a publishing business, but he retired at age 42. After he retired he decided to commit his life to writing, science, and politics. In politics he was cautious about strong central governments and governors. Benjamin wanted a three-person presidential committee instead of having just one president. Quote to a one-man president “The government is likely to be well-administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism.”