Economic Technological Environmental Cultural

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The international exchange of ideas such as culture, technology, and business.

Globalization is broken down into four categories. The categories are Economic, Technological, Environment, and Cultural. This is what makes up the world with how people differ from each other, the different governments, how the technology has improved, and how the environment has gotten better or worse.

Economical problems in Vietnam

This category explains what economic problems are reaching throughout Vietnam right now. Vietnam has faced certain challenges in the last few years economically. For example, in 2012 the GDP grew 5.25 percent and that was the lowest it has ever been since 1998. Every year Vietnam grows a little slower and in the period of 2010-13 Vietnam grew at a slower pace than Indonesia. Investment rates have fallen from 29.6 percent from the first quarter from 38.5 from 2010. Growth in retail sales and services has fallen from 24% in 2011 to 16% in 2012 and to 11.9% in the first half 2013. Imports have also slowed down tremendously by 7% in 2012 creating a low demand for capital investment.

Technological problems in the world

In the last 15-20 years technology has increased and improved to a point where we never thought it would be. In some cases it could be setting up for a dangerous future for the next generation and it is also helping us in the medical and science fields. In the world today new technology is developing rapidly, and we all may think that it is for the best but new challenging issues come along with these new inventions. One big issue is the digital divide, that is when countries try to access the latest and most beneficial technology. Even the wealthiest countries can't get their hands on it.

Environmental Issues in the world

The environment is a very sensitive thing and all of the factories are letting off certain gases that our world should not digest and the biggest problem that could occur is Global Warming. There is an endless amount of challenges that is facing our environment today. For example, the climate changed that has spread throughout the world is incredible. Humans that work in factories have released sufficient quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the past century and the effect from that is awkwardly warmer weather in parts of the world that isn't supposed to be a certain warm temperature.

Cultural problems in the world

A culture makes up a region, it defines what a country is. It takes many ideas and lifestyles to make up one big culture. Many problems are happening because of the subject religion, people have problems with the different beliefs that the world shares. another thing known as Religion freedom that some parts of the world are lacking.


My relationship between globalization and I would say are very strong because it is apart of my lifestyle. I live in a clean environment that has its problems but it helps the animals do what they need to keep our land and our vision of the world is pretty. Technology has increased tremendously in the last 20 years or so. Almost every person starting at the age of nine has a smart phone, I myself also have one. TV's have gotten bigger but thinner, cars can practically be a transformer and have a brain of its own. I believe America is not one culture and I would not label it a mosaic neither because America is made up of many different cultures. Economical problems in my life aren't the greatest. Our national debt is incredibly too high at this point and is making it hard for my parents to make money and money buys almost anything in life.

How it affects my life

Globalization gives me entertainment such as giving us laptops to use or cell phones to communicate to others that are not near me. The environment gives us supplies and ideas to create certain things. Culture is how I live and the ways I do certain things. On a winter day a typical girl would wear jeans and a t-shirt with a normally black north face and a pair of uggs. The economy affects me by where I can live because of how much a house costs. it determines if I can do extra activities after school. it can limit your life to only being able to do certain things.