Orphans By:Lemony Snicket

By: Weston Pangborn ( ELA 1st block A day)


My book takes place on Briny Beach, during a past time in life. The setting impacts the story because the story starts in Briny Beach.
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(rising action)

What happened next (climax)

The picture above is where Fred and his mother moved after the disaster that occurred in their neighborhood. They moved to Florida, where they were nice and safe. Fred had to move away from his friends at Briny Beach, but the life ahead of him was much better than his older one, where he was put in harms way.
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Life in Florida (falling action)

In Florida Fred made new friends and had to attend a new school and everything else that he was involved in, but he liked it there and so did his mom.Fred may have lost his dad in the shooting, but Fred was able to put that behind him. Down below is a picture of Fred's friend Alana.
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Fred and his mother enjoyed life in Florida, but it just wasn't the same.
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About Fred (the main character)

Fred was very athletic, because he was in every sport there was in school. He also loved to ride his bike around the beach. Fred was also kind because he was always treated with disrespect, so his mother told him that the golden rule was to "treat others the way you want to be treated." Fred was also friendly, which made him have many many friends. Fred was also good with animals too, since he was so friendly.
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