How Nutrients work

Jerrin clark


they are starches and surgers they com mostltfrom fruites,vegtibles,and grains. They are your bodys main source of energy.Their are 2 diffret carbohydrates they are simple and complex


are substances the body uses to build new cells and reparires new cells.They are nessary for growth and help fight of disease.Protiens in food are complete or imcomplents.


you need these for healthy skin your body stores fat to reserve energy for your body. Most people eat more fat than they actually need.fat is also hidden in many foods it also keeps food in your stomach so it keeps you cold or warm.


wellness is were you et or have good habbits like eating healthy or exerciseing and stuff like that. you can work out and eat healthy if you put you mind to it before you start ask your doctor for help and see what he wants you to do.


Are chemicals mixture found in many types of food.Vitamins do not provide energy or become a part of your body.if you dont get enough vitamins you can develope bad health


Are found in a wide variety of foods. your body uses for many procceses the menerals also becaome part of your body cells fluids musles and bones.