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poverty in victorian england

Main Focus

The main focus of the article was poverty in England during the Victorian Era. The author expresses this by writing Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist was a book written in the point of view of a poor orphan boy that lived in England during the the Victorian Era.

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Living conditions

Slums were big run down areas where 20 or more people lived in one house were they all slept and squatted on top of straw on the floor. Slums had rotting dead bodies laying everywhere and mothers had to protect their young from rats nibbling from there faces and fingers.
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Work houses

Were the working class went when they needed support like food, clothes, and shelter. They Were treated like slaves though they separated into children, men, and women so they couldn't make any more babies too support Workhouses were a last resort, most people would rather suffer outside. the workhouses only provided enough food to survive.
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Child labor

The Children in the fammiley had to work along with there parents to support the fammileis need. Some jobs children had to work at where pulling parts at cole mines, street pebbling ,chimney sweeping , working at factorys and mills. Most of these jobs were deadly to the children who worked there. Sadly some children were so despreat they worked as theives.