Statistics compared with America

Egypt and the United States both have a major dissimilarity when it comes to criteria of different foods and beverages and much more. For instance, the criteria for beverages in Egypt stays at the cost of $2.47. As for America, the cost goes up to $18.87. Other than beverages, all of the criteria for food shows that Egypt pays less than America by a big difference.

Another example for food criteria difference with Egypt and America is the fruits, vegetables, and nuts. In Egypt, those come up to $10.53. On the other side, America comes up with $33.05. According to these results, it shows how Egypt pays less by a big amount.

Comparison on how Egyptians and Americans eat

In both countries, they eat in different ways. Many Americans can eat as much as they want. Some of them don't even eat at all. As for Egyptians, most of them eat equally. In others words, many of them are forced to eat as much as they're supposed to. Americans on the other hand, get to eat as much as they wish to. Some people in America can overdue with their diet and many receive diabetes or become overweight. Despite the fact that being overweight isn't good for the country, this still shows details on how different Americans and Egyptians eat.


In Egypt, there are many ceremonies that involve food. The most common is a term known as "fasting". In other words, "fasting" is a spiritual and symbolic and they practice self-denial. This means according to religion, Egyptians aren't allowed to eat during the day until the early morning. Americans don't have anything like these religions. Egyptians are willing to fast in order to support their religion.

More Egyptian Cultural Traditions

There are many traditions that involve food in Egypt. One of them is Lesser Bariam. That's when Egyptians eat domestic-made cookies. Another would be the Eid Al-Adha. This is when Egyptians were to eat mutton meat during the ceremony of Prophet Abraham's sacrifice of his son.