Dinners Done Freezer Meal Workshop

A Fundraiser for The Reed Family!

This will be a fundraiser with Pampered Chef except ALL commission will be donated to the family as well as 2 Deep Covered Bakers to make their meals fast and easy.

This is a way for us to help the family with their dinner time meals. I would like to be able to provide 20-40 or more freezer meals for this amazing family to have on hand at home and at the hospital. I will be giving them the 2 deep covered bakers one for home and one they can use at the hospital as well. I will have a sign-up sheet Sunday the 24th of January for those that would like to help prepare these meals and or donate to help cover the cost of food. I will have the date on the sign up sheet as to when we will gather together at the Vale Christian Church to prepare the meals. It will cost approximately $15 to $20 dollars per meal and take 2.5 hours to prepare or less. I will need all donations by January 28th so I can buy all the food for the workshop.

The cost includes all your seasonings and spices, the food for the menu, the freezer bags, the labels for the bags, and a printed up book for the family to keep with all the recipes and little notes from all of us!!

All meals can be made in crock-pot, deep covered baker, or oven. This will allow the family time with each other and stress free nights with a healthy meal!