Censorship in China

By Kim Winters

What is Censorship?

Censorship is when you review anything that flows through the media and filter what you think is inappropriate,offensive, or disrespectful. The Media includes anything such as books,movies,websites, or even what you post on social media.In most Social Media it is a good thing when something is taken down because it blocks out things that are not appropriate.Though China takes it to a new extreme.This is why I am addressing you, highly regarded members of the United Nations and all the other viewers of this poster to make a stand and to not be taken away from your rights.
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This picture above shows in a clever way how Censorship works.The joke is supposed to be that somebody Censored what is wrong with Censorship.The Wrong thing about Censorship is that it may be to protect those from reality but what is really wrong with it is taking away people's freedom of speech.We all speak of equality and World Peace, but is this the way too it or does it just show vulnerability?Censorship is located in many other places than just China.It is most commonly spread out in places that practice the governing of communism.Countries such as Vietnam,North Korea,Cuba, and Laos.China's most trafficed area of Censorship is in major cities in China such as Beijing and Shangai.It is mostly because technology and urbanization is of course most common in big cities.Many internet officials are always on surveillance throughout the cities to make sure nobody is posting anything threatening or dangerous to the government.
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The truth about Censorship in China and in many other places is that it is basically letting the people go throughout life oblivious and blissful to problems in the World.Basically to be clueless but happy.It is not fair for people to not know what is going on and to be blissful while real problems are going on such as this.

The Facts Behind Censorship in China

1.In 2010 the Norwegian Nobel Commity gave the Peace Prize to a jailed Chinese activist named Liu Xiaobo.

2.In December 2014, 44 chinese activist were imprisoned because of Press Freedom Issues.

3.International journalist or activist have to face government surveillance, and restrictions on their reportings.

4.A draft law has been posted by one of China’s technologoy regulaters that if you want to set up a website you have to set up a website with a domain approved by authorities.

5.According to a Zhu Wei this law would block out all other foreign websites from China’s media.

6.Violater of this law or people who do not follow it will be fined 1,500 to 4,500 dependent on the criteria.

What do these facts mean?

1.The first fact is pretty self-explanatory.This activist named Liu Xiaobo was imprisoned for being an activist and because of this he was given a Peace Medal of honor due to his perseverance and his peaceful method to try to make things better.

2.The second fact is very much like the first one, but instead there were 44 people imprisoned but they were not recognized for their valor to stand up to the norm.They should be recognized, don't you think?

3.The third fact shows how difficult it is to maintain an engaging website that is legal.You have to go through surveillance and restrictions.

4.The fourth fact I think is very stupid because a law is in draft to make people have to register a domain to the government for the government to track down your every move.

5.This fact explains the previous one showing that if this were to happen, any foreign websites would be blocked from China's media.This would be a huge impact to the people making them even more clueless and vulerable.Basically this website would be seen as a threat...think about that.

6.If you are not registered to a domain in the future, hack to see other websites, or simply exploit a website with "risky statements" you will be fined 1,500 dollars to 4,500 dependent on your offense.

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Reasons for Censorship

What are the reasons for Censorship anyways?The people of the government would all agree it was to block out obscene images and inappropriate violence,racism, and sexism.Though it is actually more than that, one of their fears is deteriorating because the people will see all the other flaws with their government in which the biggest one is Communism.The thing about Communism and Socialism is that sure many people will say "it is for equality" but what most of the citizens don't realize is that equality is taken to too big of an extreme".Some of the most bizarre laws have been created in North Korea such as if you commit a crime three generations will be punished.But in China, Communism takes away many rights of the people.Because of Overpopulation in 1979 the government created a one -child policy and many people preferred the male-specimen instead of the female.So now there are too many males and it is expected that by 2030 most of the population will be full of elderly people.Communism makes somebody who works everyday give half of what they give to the state to give to others who don't work.There are many other flaws that the people of China don't realize that should be brought to their eyes.Maybe it would change the way that people live their lives.But Censorship is not just a Chinese custom it is common in all of the Communist Countries.Cuba,North Korea, Vietnam, and China all have the same pattern...they all have Censorship showing that they are vulnerable.They know there are flaws, they should be changed.Here's a video to explain it a bit more.
Censorship In China

Effects of Censorship

What are the effects of Censorship?

Well some people may say nothing it is completely harmless, or some will come up with a million reasons that is wrong with it.Beijing's Censorship patrol effects not only the people but the U.S. economy making this problem affect other countries.In the U.S. commercial activity and products for consumers is being affected hugly because the country with the greatest population in the world does not get to see all the commercials and products.This is basically saying ignore creativity and innovation.American Jouranlist as well has always had a hugely difficult time dealing with covers and reportings on China, because their image should also be presentable and polished to other nations.Also it complicates China's relations with other countries in marketing and sales, because of how much Censorship there is.But enough with the negatives, it is fair that the positives should be presented as well.Profanity is blocked from the minds of children, obscene images are blocked to not pollute minds, and inappropriate violence, racism, and sexism is deleted.That is all of them.


In conclusion council members please read over this and do some research of your own to realize all that I say is true.Censorship is okay to some point, but to eliminate freedom of speech and to make creativity and innovation die is not okay.Please Viewers spread this poster and bring it to everybody's attention that this is wrong.Thank You!!!


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Peaceful Protest

Thursday, June 30th, 5pm

Beijing, China

Beijing, Beijing

Anywhere in the streets, because it is happening everywhere in China, you can all gather to make a peaceful protest against censorship.No violence included, because what is most important and powerful is our words and opinions.So please if you agree with this flier unite each other and tell people to join together for the Peaceful Protest.