10 years earlier and 10 years later

10 years earlier

Iphone (first generation ) the photo shows a Iphone 2g but I am talking about the first gen

this is a multi touch screen tablet and was the first Iphone steve jobs wanted to interect with the computer in a way that he can directly type into the screen. it is slower than today's technology but at the time this was very cool
phone ten years earlier are very bad compared to today's phone and I can't remember who said that the amount of computer chips in a computer doubles each year.


Iphone 6s, windows 10 and all of the present day technology is way better than the ones made 10 years ago ( half of this page is made on a windows 10 the top half is made by some stone age computer)

windows 10

the photo to the left is a special star wars edition of the windows 10 (the one I'm using)

It's a fast computer faster than the older computers and has a much better screen. ( way more pixels) and was released in 2015.


technology from the future

I know the Iphone 7 will not take long to be released there is no official release date but you know apple they come up with something every year or 2. I know flying cars do exist but I am not sure if they are released for the public. and a device that can make a TV a smart TV is currently being developed.No body knows when but the PS5 is estimated to be released some where between 2019 to 2021. So the future of technology looks bright but you'll never know. Something bad might come out of technology like better nuclear bombs. maybe a test virus escapes from a lab. Or our radars might become to good and we accidentally contact aliens.(Don't call me crazy it's a possibility)


over all I think the future will be a great place to be. I think that I was born in a great part of history. The next thing we need is something to either protect our eyes from light or something to fix our eyes because whats the point to have technology but not being able to see it!