At breakfast I consumed a total of 374 calories. I ate 3 items which included a waffle with reduced fat milk and a golden apple.

Carbs Per Meal

The times when I ate the carbs had the most shocking result. At dinner I had 70.6 grams of carbs. Then at breakfast I had 56.1 grams of carbs compared to lunch’s 51.7 grams. The percentage was split between dinner and breakfast. 39.6% of the carbs was consumed at lunch. 31.4% was eaten during breakfast, and finally at lunch I had 29% of my total carbs. Dinner had almost no carbs until the Ore Ida Tater Tots came with 60 grams of carbs. All the foods at breakfast contributed towards the total. At lunch the most carbs was in the McDonald Chicken Wrap with 33.

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At lunch I ate mostly McDonalds. I had a McDonald Chicken Wrap with McDonald French Fries. Along with that I had Iceberg Lettuce. The total calories I ate was 513.

Fat Per Meal

The fat was mostly consumed at lunch by a tiny amount. Lunch had 26.7 grams of fat compared to dinner’s 26. Breakfast fell behind again but this time at a bigger margin with only 10 grams of fat. The only thing that contributed to it’s fat total were the milk and waffle. Lunch’s main food got the meal up there again. The McDonald Chicken Wrap had 21 of 26.7 grams of the fat at lunch. Although lunch had the most carbs dinner had the single food with the most fat. The Ore Ida Tater Tots had 24 grams of fat compared to 21 grams of fat. The fat was evenly split between the lunch and dinner but the breakfast hardly contributed.

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The food at Dinner was Tilapia with Ore-Ida Tater Tots and Asparagus. I had 819 dinner calories with 510 of those coming from the Tater Tots.

Protein Per Meal

Protein was mainly consumed at dinner. I had 63% at dinner, 21% at lunch, and 16% at breakfast. Breakfast hardly had any protein because I didn’t have meat or fish, I had a waffle which had 5 grams of protein. At lunch the McDonald Chicken Wrap brought the protein packed punch with 16 grams of protein which is more than the total amount of protein in the breakfast. At dinner the tilapia had no carbs but easily made it up in protein. It was the single food with the most protein at 22.7 grams. The total protein eaten at breakfast was 13.4 grams and lunch hardly had any more with 18.5 grams. The protein at dinner totaled at 54.1 making it double of the protein eaten at breakfast and lunch combined.
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Total Calories Per Meal

The meal of the day when I consumed the most calories was dinner. Dinner was 48 percent of my calories. Lunch had the second most amount of calories and breakfast had the least amount. The milk and waffles were the only foods with over 100 calories at breakfast. At lunch the McDonald chicken wrap had 380 calories which was the 2nd most calories in any single food. At dinner the Ore Ida Tater Tots has 510 calories which is almost one third of the total calories.

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For snack I had a Grilled Chicken Salad. It had 198 calories, 7 grams of fat, 10 of carbs, and 25 of protein.

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