Come to Massachusetts!

Best place to be in the New World! New home! New life!

British Colonial Lifestyle

Massachusetts is a colony of Great Britain established by Puritans and their leader John Winthrop in 1630. It's a great place for all of the religious Puritans to escape persecution. Under a charter, our beloved home is a royal province and one of the first British settlements. We can also help Britain by providing valuable resources and trading goods. Come help us make history!

Who Are We in the New World?

Massachusetts is located in the heart of New England. With our lengthy coastline and mountainous terrain, we offer the healthiest climate of all the colonies. And that's not all! There are plenty of exciting jobs in the lumber and shipbuilding manufacturing industries that offer you and your family reprieve from the agricultural life. Because of our proximity to the Massachusetts Bay, the fishing and whaling industries also have many vibrant opportunities! We trade and export fish, timber, furs, ships, livestock, rum, and other valuables such as whale oil. Don't miss out on being a part of our growing economy!

Some of Our Great Colonists

A Snapshot of Our Short But Fascinating History!

King Philip's War (1675-1676)

A patriotic conflict in which our heroes valiantly fought against the Native Americans. Both sides suffered causalities, but victory lies with us. Now we have greater access to Southern New England and we can expand our colony to extend our home to others like you.
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Salem Witch Trials (1690s)

This was a tragic time for one of our smaller towns. Salem was plagued with witchcraft and its brave citizens fought against it with the help of God and were able to keep us all safe. We offer all of you a safe haven from any and all witchcraft.
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Massachusetts Family and Community

In Massachusetts, we believe strongly in our faith. We have gone through rough times and prosperous times. Yet we always come out as a stronger community. Come bring your family to become part of ours!