radial tires

why did nasa make it

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company developed a fibrous material five times stronger than steel for NASA to use in parachute shrouds to soft-land the Vikings on the Martian surface. The fiber’s chain-like molecular structure gave it incredible strength in proportion to its weight. Recognizing the increased strength and durability of the material Goodyear expanded the technology and went on to produce a new radial tire with a tread life expected to be 10000 miles greater than conventional radials.They used tires in space for the mars rover.the mission that it was used for was mars exploration.we used them for rovers.
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how do we use them today.

We use radial tires for cars we use them every day.We use them for mars rover. We use them for nascar so we can watch them.We use tires to ride fourwheeler and have fun.Radial tires help us save gas because they are not has heavy.Tires are not the biggest factor when it comes to paying less at the pump but they represent an easy way to make your truck more fuel friendly.
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