Night by Elie Wiesel

3 questions

How did the camp life change the prisoners as a person?

Before the Jews went into the camps, they relied on one another for simple things. Soon after they went to camps though, they began to think that they would only worry for themselves. The prisoners would kill each other for bread crumbs and clothes; sons would abandon their own fathers because they couldn’t keep up.

The conditions of the camp effected how they felt and looked like. They looked like they were starved, and dirt covered them head to toe.

Identify 3 themes in the novel.

Father and son relationship, throughout the novel Elie wants to stay with his father and fears losing him. Other examples are that when the Jews were running for miles to the next camp, the Rabbi lost his son and thought he didn’t see him slow down, but in truth the son left him behind because he couldn’t keep up. Also when the Jews were in the cattle cars going to another camp one of the fathers had bread and his son killed him for it, even though the father said he had a piece for him too.

Faith, all through the novel the Jews keep on praying and having faith to god. Even Elie, who at one point said he was praying to a god he didn’t believe anymore, still prayed and wanted to learn more about his faith and religion.

Evil, the burning pits and the gas chambers are just plain evil. The Jews had gasoline poured on them before they were taken to the showers. The selection where they had to run as fast as they could so they wouldn’t have their numbers written down, which resulted with them getting killed.

What does the novel reveal about you as a human being?

That today this generation of children shouldn’t complain about things such as being hungry and cold. When Elie was 15 he was literally starving and freezing to death and nobody cared to notice.

Also, some people are not people they are horrible monsters. What Hitler did to the Jews just because of their religion is unforgivable and unforgettable.

Cherish what we have before it’s gone. The Jews lost everything before they even knew it; they didn’t get to keep anything. While they were in camp if one person had a gold tooth they would have it removed.