Who Inspires You?

Emma Taylor

Misssing Limbs! Help Us!

When Bethany Hamilton was thirteen when the shark bit off her left arm and Casey Pieretti was nineteen when he lost part of his right leg. Bethany Hamilton now is a professional surfer and is sponsored by rip curl. Casey Pieretti is a full-time skater and helps kids who have amputee that can't get new limbs every year. In many ways Bethany Hamilton and Casey Pieretti are alike. Both have lost limbs and they also inspired people to keep going even though you might get hurt.

On other hand they differ because Bethany had her arm chewed off by a shark and Casey lost part of his right leg when he was struck by an drunk driver. Another difference would be that Bethany had a movie made after her and her experience. Casey Pieretti after the accident he skated across the United States. Although they both inspire people, but they both have differences.

Oprah Winfrey

In the beginning of Oprah Winfrey's she was sexually abused by male relatives and friends of her mother. After all the times she was abused she decided she was going to go and live with her dad in Nashville. When she entered Nashville she decided to go to Tennessee State University and began working in radio and television broadcasting. In 1976 she moved to Baltimore and hosted " People are talking". Later she hosted her on television show. She inspired people by donating to the less fortunate and was one of the most influential person in her generation.

Metal Knees

My grandma, Noreen Hand, had a problem. She had hurt her knees from all the running she did over the years. So two summers ago she had to have one of her knees removed. The recovery was really bad but she got through it. Then the next year she had the other one removed so she didn't have to have it removed later in life. Her recovery was so much better. She got to do more things and wasn't in crutches as long. My Grandma inspired me by showing that bad things are going to happen but if you believe that it will be better it will.

Cancer survivor beats the Seven Summits of the world

The reason why Sean Swarner inspired people was because of how he was the first cancer survivor to climb the seven summits. If he hadn't done it then other cancer survivor would never dare to do anything dangerous. During all the times he climbed the mountains he had only on fully working lung. He had two different kinds of cancers. One was Hodgkin's Disease and the other was Askin's sarcoma. With both of these cancers he was given one week to live. In the end he survived and inspired people to never give up on your dreams even though you might face adversities.

Civil Rights: Martin Luther King Jr.

During the civil rights movement Martin Luther King Jr. was the most influential person in the civil rights. In 1955 he had his first boycott that lasted three hundred and eighty two days. During that time he was arrested and his house was bombed. He traveled six million miles and spoke over twenty five hundred times and appeared anywhere there was injustice. He also led a massive protest in Birmingham. In 1963, he gave the "I have a dream" speech to 250,000 people. At age thirty five he was the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize. He inspired people to think before you say because it can be mean. Also that you should use nonviolence to solve our problems.
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