Bremerton Central Lions

September 2021

Message from King Lion, Todd Faulkner

What are your measurements?

I love Data! I’m the type of person who loves spreadsheets, budgets, charts, and graphs. I know to some people these things seem like a foreign language, but I love them! What I have come to know over the years is that we measure what matters. I’ve heard it said that if you want to know what’s important to someone, look at their check register. I think this statement rings true.

I am honored to be a Lion and to contribute to the Bremerton Central Lions. If you’ve been around our club for very long, you will have heard all kinds of data about the work we do. We measure our monies, volunteer service hours, the people we serve, and all aspects of the good we do. One of the things I am most proud of as a Lion is how little of the monies we raise goes into overhead costs. By far, the bulk of everything we fundraise goes directly to helping our local community. I’m proud of that!

I’m proud of how much time we give in service to others. We report each month how many hours our members share in service to our community, not just to the Lions, but to so many other fine charitable causes. Lions serve, and the members of the Bremerton Central Lions help in so many unique and valuable ways.

I want to remind you as you look through our Newsletter to pay attention to the Data, how many lives we touch, how many dollars we provide to help others, how much work we do to improve our community. We measure what matters, and remember, we can never know just how far our reach extends as our acts of service ripple out into our community.

It’s interesting to me that a group of Lions is called a Pride. I’m filled with Pride to be a Lion and serve with so many others who care about our community and do so much good!

Your Friend in Service,

King Lion, Todd

DeDe Theal Receives the Melvin Jones Fellowship

Iris Young Awarded Lion of the Year

Congratulations to Iris Young for being awarded the Lion of the Year.
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