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Friday, February 3, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class - The kids spent their week learning about equivalent fractions. They used multiplication to create an equivalent fraction comprised of smaller units. Conversely, they then used division to create an equivalent fraction made of larger units. Today's work was based on transferring their knowledge of fractions and tape diagrams to a number line. On Monday, the kids will take the Topic B quiz and then we'll move onto comparing fractions.

Mr. Lawton's Class - I have set the class up on a new website called Prodigy Math Games. This site may be more game than math, so I will monitor how it goes. For now they all have their log ins, and can play at home if they have computer access. This is not required, but for now it is aligned to our current unit of study (geometry) and gives them some additional practice. As always i-Ready and XtraMath are great and can be done at home. As one last math note, it is time to refresh our dry erase markers. I have several students who have run out, and my supplies are nearly exhausted. If you can please supply your child with a fresh pack that would be greatly appreciated.

Fitness Fun Week

You'll find you child's Fitness Fun Week Permission Slip on the left hand side of your child's Friday Folder. There is also a place for you to note if you'd like to volunteer for the 2-day ice skating event!


Picture Book Friday - Natalie read to us on Monday and Evan read today! See their pictures below! Ainsley is set to read next week!

Writing - This week the kids glued some different transitional phrases into their composition notebooks to use with their PAWS. We are also working on the appropriate use of apostrophes. The kids seem to have a better handle on using there, their , and they're correctly in their writing!

Colonial America Interactive Notebooks - The kids are busy taking notes and creating interactive notebooks based on Colonial America. Be sure to check in with your child to see what 2 pages s/he has created.


The musicians will need to be prepared with instruments on Wednesday for lessons and Thursday for ensembles.
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