Would you vote for Hitler?

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he is literally sexualizing and thinking about dating his own daughter!! that is not him being blunt that is him being a gross old man who is okay with demeaning his own daughter. I could not find internet sources on this, but he has also openly admitted to SEXUALLY ASSAULTING his own wife, she has also said this and there are files on it. He is disgusting.
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women literally have breasts FOR breastfeeding!!!! how is feeding you child disgusting?? is he that hypnotized by the sexualization of breasts that he cannot comprehend the female anatomy and its actual purpose? a man who doesn't even know the purpose of a breast should NOT be allowed to run this country.


Keep in mind, I did not have to dig deep for this information. In fact, i just googled 'Donald Trump + racism' for a few of these lovely quotes.

“[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists,” Trump declared. This man is basically inferring that Mexicans are at fault for all of the crime in America. Which is funny because 67% of crime, like drugs and rape, is committed by white people! He is spreading lies and fueling hatred/murder towards people of color JUST TO GAIN A FOLLOWING!!

Ironically, i cannot find any of his direct quotes about Muslims. Since he was confronted about what he said and immediately denied it and covered for himself, I assume he had his people remove what they could about his words. i found plenty of articles on it, though. ( http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/20/opinions/obeidallah-trump-anti-muslim/ ) Donald Trump preaches that all Muslims are terrorists and need to be identified with a Muslim database. Sound familiar? Meanwhile more men named Mike have killed people then Muslims. CARS kill more people than Muslims and we still drive those. We have bratty white kids shooting up churches and movie theaters, openly ADMITTING to being racist, but they're still not called terrorists. In fact, ISIS's GOAL is to get everyone to turn against Muslims and their religion. So Trump is blindly supporting ISIS, and so is anyone who supports him. ISIS does not reflect the Muslim community or the religion or Islam and Donald Trump has his following believing the opposite.

This man will NOT make America great again!

In all honestly, Donald Trump is just a huge bully who will never realize the impact of all the ignorant hatred he spews. And the fact that this man has an actual following is terrifying. He is the voice of all the racist, sexist, abelist, selfish white supremecists in America, and if we give them power they WILL destroy this country with their hate. Please don't vote for Trump. He is not just randomly saying words and being stupid. He is being strategic and using this reckless behavior to gain votes. He is taking advantage or the prejudice subsiding in our brains and fueling his followers to let it out by harming the people he discriminates against. Which is basically everyone except the white, heterosexual male.
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