Cold War Culture

Interstate Highway act

  • What- authorized the building of a nationwide highway network.
  • Time Period- 1956
  • location- All over the United States
  • Cause- With 40 percent of people who own a private car in the United States, more roads needed to be made.
  • Reason- To build a system of roadways to allow interstate travel throughout the United States
  • Result- This made people get more automobiles. Not to mention the stores and restaurants boomed to life as well. The more the roads, the more the stores.
  • Significance- This made traveling to different states in the United states easier which made people want to get an automobile.
  • to whom- To stores and restaurants

Stay at home moms

What- Dr. Benjamin Spoke wrote a book about "Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care," published in 1946. He later engouraged the government to pay mothers to stay home and take care of there children.

Time Period- 1950's

Location- United States

Cause- Women entering into the work force.

Reason- Women felt bored and isolated from being a stay at home mom. They also wanted extra money to buy leisure items.

Result- The government didn't pass legislation to pay women to stay home.

Significance- The trend of Women working outside of the home increased during this time.

To Whom- manufactures, families, government,