History Repeats Itself

Adolf Hitler V.S. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Hitler and his Nazi's

The Nazi party was named an extremist group whenever they started the mass killings of jews and concertration camps. His hatred of jews started back when he was in WWI. The murder of six million Jews in the Second World War was due to Hitler's belief that they "stole" victory from the country in the First World War. That's why he was an extremist group.

There is a new group at the party. ISIS

The terrorist group ISIS is an Islamic religion based group. The believe that the Islamic religion should be the only religion allowed. They are started off by killing a lot christians. They are raging a war right no over in Iraq area. This group could turn out to be a major threat to many of the citizens of earth.

These People are bad people.

How we stopped Nazi's can help us stop ISIS?

Many people say that history repeats itself. You might say that oh, lets just name some examples. Robert E Lee stumbled into the same choice as George Washington, serving his rebellious homeland against the central government. We don't want to have WWIII unless 110% absolutely without a shadow of a doubt nessecary.