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I was a continuation school student in High School and believe through personal experience and being a counselor that building self-confidence, having the belief one can succeed, and a sense of belonging are important to making educational and life choices.

My intention is to provide opportunities for greater learning, to connect with you personally, and provide resources that guide you through the process of making positive choices that fit your unique futures. My goal is to help you Graduate and make college and career choices that fit you.

I Believe:

  • In the power of YET...
  • In Grit and Perseverance
  • That You Matter

Things About Me:

  • Before becoming a counselor I worked in Design and Fashion
  • I like to cook, eat, try (and share) new recipes
  • The ocean is my go-to place

Where to find me:

  • Message or Email
  • Counseling Google Classroom
  • Teacher Classrooms
  • Individual Zoom meetings
  • Small group Zoom meetings
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What to look forward to in the 2020-2021 school year

  • Weekly updates and information through counseling Google Classroom
  • Classroom lessons on key topics
  • Small groups (participation is by choice)
  • Individual meetings for goal and graduation planning
  • Counseling Advisory meetings

College and Career

We're here to help you find your path | Roadtrip Nation

Social Emotional Learning

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Self-Care During Distance Learning

Set up a daily routine

This can provide some much-needed structure to your days. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Create a routine that works for you.

Pick up a hobby

If your schedule permits it, engaging in a new hobby like reading, knitting, playing fun board games, or cooking can act as a great stress-buster.

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals

This is a good time to try new recipes and get creative with your cooking. Maintaining regular meal times is also helpful for your health and general well-being.

Stay connected

Humans are social creatures and engaging with others is really important for our emotional health. Apart from phone and video calls, online hobby classes and social media can also help you stay in touch.

Practice Gratitude

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the worrying news surrounding us. Create a little time during the day to focus on the positives in your life, through journaling or simple reflection.

Make time to disconnect

Make some time during the day to disengage from the news and other activities. Use this time to rest and recover your energy.

Supports For ALL

LGBTQ, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, English Learner Youth

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Counselor Contract with Students

I Believe in You

I am Here for You

I will Always be Real with You

You are Capable of Great Things

You will be Respected

You are Unique

You are Worth It

I Expect Great Things

You Can Expect Great Things from Me

I will Never Give Up on You, Even if you Give up on Me

I Care About You

Your Success is my Success

We are in This Together

Theresa Catalano

PPS School Counselor,

LMFT #105101

Jane Frederick High School