The Great Kindness Challenge

January 2016

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Our Challenge

We are participating in the Great Kindness Challenge for the month of January. Typically, the challenge runs for one week. We have chosen to spread it out and celebrate kindness and respect all month. This connects well with our guidance curriculum and our school-wide focus on respect this year.

Each week, student council representatives will present us with 5 challenges for the week. The challenges are chosen by student council ambassadors using the Great Kindness Challenge Checklist or others they may come up with. These are simple tasks such as opening the door for someone or saying thank you. No extra materials or tools are necessary and the challenges are not required; simply suggestions and ideas for us to increase kindness and respect in our school.

There are a couple videos included that introduce the challenge as well as provide other resources. There are also more tools available on The Great Kindness Challenge website and Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

There is also a free Great Kindness Challenge app that is available in the Apple app store. This app is helpful if you'd like to track your kind deeds electronically.

Here is a link to our list of challenges by week.

The Great Kindness Challenge Infomercial

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” (Princess Diana)

KINDNESS MATTERS! Easy Ways YOU Can Make Your School a Kinder Place!

“Whatever you say, say with kindness.” (Jonathan Lockwood Huie)

Save the video below for Guidance class this week!

Color Your World With Kindness
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