PhillipConnect News Flash

Issue #2

Townhall 2016 -27 Feb 2016

We have recently held our Annual Townhall at the NTUC Auditorium. The theme this year is "Moving from Local to Global Retail Sales' which also underpins our strategic direction for the year ahead.

Our Executive Chairman, Mr. Lim Hua Min delivered the opening speech, scorecard for 2015 and closing speech which can be found here.

Phillip Rec Club - Interest Groups

Liked our Rec Club events so far? Had fun? Want to do it again? Yes you can!

The Rec Club have formed several interest groups, aimed at creating regular games/events for you to enjoy. Keen to find out more?

Click the Events link here to explore!

[Give From The Heart] Food Goodie Bag Programme

Thursday, April 7th, 9:30am-12:30pm

Tai Seng Singapore

Join us in this meaningful programme as we pack Goodie Bags for needy children.

A food Goodie bag goes a long way ! It provides relief and joy to their faces.

If you are keen to participate, click here for further instructions.