By: Jason Dietrich

How to discover bullying

The easier way yet still hard way to see if someones being bullied is to ask them if they are bullied. The hard way is follow them around and see if they are bullied.

How to treat bullying

There are not that many ways to help a victim of bullying. One way is to go to a psychiatric and basically just know that you are not worthless and that you have purpose in life and no matter what you can do anything you want.

Why you should never be the bully

If you notice that you are being the bully you should stop instantly an go apologize to the victim. You should also go talk to someone else to make sure that you never start bullying again.

How to prevent bullying

There are many ways that you can prevent bullying, one way is to constantly make sure that you or someone you know are always with true friends. If you see/ feel that you are in a bad place you should just walk away from the problem.