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presidents Noah and Taylor

Make America Better Together

Global Warming

Global warming is a change in climate of the earth caused by us humans releasing to much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which traps heat and increase the earth’s temperature (greenhouse effect). We release the carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels to generate our vehicles, homes, and generate electricity.

How will Gucci reduce global warming

Gucci will reduce global warming by building houses with solar panels because houses use fossil fuels to generate their houses, but with solar panels houses won't need to burn fossil fuels. About 67% of electricity is generated by fossil fuels solar panels only provide 0.4% of electricity. We will also limit the trees cut down because when trees are cut down they release carbon dioxide.

How will we pay

We will raise garbage taxes to pay because burning garbage emits carbon dioxide.

$9.50 ( a month) of 129% (how much we raise it by) = $12.26 a month which will be $147 a year from one house. 17,278,086,000 a year from the whole US. It will cost us 17,248,000,000 to build the solar panel house leaving us roughly 3 million dollars left.

Energy sources

If Gucci becomes president we will switch the energy sources to geothermal, wind, ocean energy, and solar. These sources don't release carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere so they won't cause as much heating in the Earth.

We will get involved with others

We will help China because they have one of the highest pollution rates in the world. We will get in touch with northern Canada because of they have a lot of permafrost melting. Gucci will also collaborate with Australia because the global warming has caused a drought there which is ruining their scenery.
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Vote for Gucci

You may be asking yourself, "why should I vote for Gucci"? Well, if you vote for us we will make America better together. We provide ways to stop global warming and manage money and all the other things Presidents do. We do it way better than everyone else and you get 2 presidents instead of one. Also team Gucci are entrepreneurs, so if we became president we know how to use money.


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How solar panels work

Science class solar panels

Solar panels will work in snow because the panels are smooth and won’t stick and the solar panel will be at the right position to receive light no matter what condition.

If it’s cloudy they have Sunpower solar panels which holds captures light more efficient in low light conditions. As long as there is light your solar panel will convert it into energy.