Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr is a famous musician who dances,sings,and acts. Sammy is person who had great accomplishments, and influences he had made in his life. He is also a famous person who tap dances like it is his life. He became a very good musician.

Sammy Davis Jr's Life

Sammy Davis Jr was born on December 8,1925. Sammy was the greatest tap dancer who loved to tap dance. He would act in movies, sing, and dance. Sammy got married in 1960. He had almost died in a car accident and ruined one of his eyes. When he sang he refused to play where places that had segregation. Sammy went to New York to get a career.Then died on May 16,1990 because he had cancer. He was only at the age of 64 when he died.


Sammy Davis Jr became a super star. He would perform for soldiers in World War 2. Sammy had his own show in Los Vegas and New York. In 1950 he produced 2 albums then soon became a huge star on broad way. Sammy made many accomplishments through out his life but then became less popular in the 1970's.


Sammy's parents influenced him to do all of this stuff he is doing now. Sammy Davis Jr performed with his father in a trio.

Sammy influenced people to act,dance, and sing. Sammy changed the way people did business. People really felt good when they watched Sammy perform or act or even dance. He influenced many people that really liked what he did. He was a great person who loved to influence people to do what he does.

Now that you have heard about what he does and what accomplishments and influences he made you probably think he had a lot in his life. Sammy Davis Jr was a great person who loved to act, sing, and dance. It was basically his whole life because he had to have many songs or acting or dances that had to be done so he could perform them. Sammy Davis Jr was a great musician.