Vincent Lombardi



Have you ever wanted to learn about famous coaches?If so I know the right person for you (I could be wrong).Vincent Lombardi. The coach of the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and Washington Redskins, where he sadly died (I'll get to how he died later).


He was born in Brooklyn on June 11, 1943 .He was the oldest of 5 children and the son of an Italian Imagrant.



went to the college Fordham University.Then he married Marie.Then he went to the New

York Giant’s for 5 seasons. Then he went to Green Bay for 5 years.He lead the team to

Super Bowl 1 and 2.then he went to washington for 2 years when he died in 1970 from a

serious form of coulunm cancer.He died in September 3.

Interesting facts

He was in the movies of Paper lion and Second Effort.

He was buried in Mount olivet cemetery, New ark.

Here is a quote "Winners never quit and quitters never win".