RHSS Pillars

An overview of the 9 pillars supporting student success

Assessment & Evaluation

To support staff as they inform students and parents of the seven fundamental principles of “Growing Success”.

Critical Thinking and Numeracy

Will assist and support staff in incorporating critical thinking and numeracy skills into everyday practice and embed these strategies into the curriculum.

Community, Culture & Caring

To continue to work with staff, students and community members to improve the collective sense of a safe and positive school climate.


To embed literacy tasks used on the OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) into every subject area in Grade 9 in order to familiarize students and increase confidence with the expectations of the OSSLT.

Mental Health

Continue to work with staff, students and community members to develop an understanding of mental health issues.


Will work to increase the graduation rate to 92% by June 2014.


Will assist and support staff in “shifting the paradigm” for teachers with reference to integrating technology that has meaning and relevance to the curriculum; and is responsive to the changes that our students are experiencing in the world today. Will provide their own knowledge and support to training teachers about how to use various 'edTech' tools, and promote digital citizenship throughout RHSS..


To ensure seamless and successful transitions throughout the school year from grade eight to nine, junior to senior grades and from grade twelve to post secondary through the use of school events, activities and the celebration of student achievement.

And Our Newest Member of the Pillar Family...

English Language Learners (ELL)

To increase awareness and presence of ELL learners in the classroom, increase the support for their needs both academically and socially, improve equity issues around ELL students, and implement school-wide strategies and accommodations.

Rick Hansen Secondary School

Opened in the PDSB in 1999, one of Peel's largest secondary schools and home of the STORM.