That Was Then, This Is Now


Drugs can mess up your life by making one wrong decision.

LSD is the drug used in "That Was Then, This Is Now" it depend on how, when, and where you take this drug how it effects you and your everyday life. Some short term effects of LSD is loss in appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth and tremors. The reason I choose these example facts is because M&M took LSD when he ran away from home and he had some of these affects.


The Authors Message About Drugs

The S.E. Hinton's message about drugs is they can effect your life in many ways. Take M&M for instance he is 12 years old and took LSD and it messed up his entire life by one small decision. LSD can make you lose your mind and forget everyone you have cared for in your life. The side effects made him forget Bryon, Mark And his own sister Cathy. The author is trying to say that this can effect your life by losing your friends and family.
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I choose this picture because most of these side effects were experienced by M&M. When he saw Bryon he was sitting in a corner, looking anxious and changed a lot since Bryon saw him.

My Thoughts On Drugs

In my opinion drugs can ruin your life. Taking them can make you go crazy and not remember anyone. I've had a family member go to jail because he was taking heroin. No one in my family knew about it but, it changed him and we didn't get to see him for 3 years. Drugs have long term effects. It will change people forever. In "That was then, this is now" M&M will never be the same again.
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brain scans

These brain scans are what LSD can do to your brain. M&M went to the hospital because of what LSD did to his brain.