Romeo and Juliet

By: Breanna Novak

Who is most at fault for the problems that happens in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo is the most at fault for the problems because he went to the Capulet's party when he wasn't supposed to go, he kissed Juliet twice at the party, and he fought and killed Tybalt. I feel this way because he made most of the problems in the play. Some people would say that Lord Capulet is at fault for the problems but it is incorrect because he only won't let his daughter marry Romeo, and he doesn't care about what his daughter likes or doesn't like; but Romeo went to the Capulet's party, kissed his enemy, and then he killed Tybalt because he felt guilty for his cousin's death.
Reason one is that Romeo went to the party. Romeo went to the Capulet's party because his cousin, Mercutio told him to go and the Lord Capulet's servant told Romeo that he could come. Romeo didn't have to go to the party. Shakespeare writes, "Now I'll tell you without asking. My master is the great rich Capulet; and if you be not of the house of Montagues, I pray come and crush a cup of wine. Rest you merry"(1.2.81-84). This shows that he went to the Capulet's party because the Capulet's servant invited him to the party without knowing that Romeo is a Montague. Also Romeo got curious about the party when the Capulet's servant told him.
Reason two, Romeo kissed Juliet twice at the party. When Romeo was at the Capulet's party, he saw a girl named, Juliet. Juliet was dancing when he found her. Romeo fell in love with Juliet at first sight. He found a way to get to dance with her. After the dance, a person sings and while he is singing, Romeo and Juliet try to find each other. When they found each other, Romeo leads Juliet into a room and they talked for awhile. He found out that Juliet is a saint while he is a pilgrim and wishes that his sin is erased. He tries to convince Juliet to kiss him. As Juliet agreed to remain still, Romeo kisses Juliet for the first time. When Juliet decided to make a logical decision that if she takes his sin from him, the sin must now reside in her lips, Romeo kisses her for the second time. Shakespeare states, "Sin from my lips? O, trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again [ kisses her]"(1.5.111-112) This proves that Romeo is at fault for the problems because in the play, it says that they kiss twice when the person is singing. Secondly, this shows what they say and do before they kiss twice. Lastly, this quote from Romeo shows that he wants to kiss her but he asks her to erase his sin before they kiss for the first time.
Reason three is that Romeo killed Tybalt. When Tybalt and Mercutio were fighting in the public place, (where Mercutio was taking a bath) Romeo tries to break up the fight but it didn't work. It didn't work because Tybalt stabs Mercutio's side with Romeo in front of him. Tybalt runs off with his group. Mercutio knows that he doesn't have a lot of time left to live and curses both houses. When Mercutio dies, Benvolio tells Romeo that Mercutio is dead. Romeo feels guilty about his cousin's death. Romeo's emotions changed from being guilty to anger. At first Romeo refuses to fight with Tybalt but he decided to fight him. After a while fighting with Tybalt, Romeo kills Tybalt in the public place. Shakespeare proves, "This shall determine that![ They fight. Tybalt falls]"(3.1.133). This explain that Romeo is at fault for all of the problems because he was guilty and angry about his cousin, Mercutio's death. Secondly, when Romeo's mood changed, he wanted to fight against Tybalt because of Mercutio's death. Lastly, he felt guilty because he thought he should've fought in Mercutio spot so that is why he killed Tybalt. Therefore, I think Romeo is at fault for the problems that happens in Romeo and Juliet.