The amazingness of Honolulu

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Honolulu is the capital and largest city of Hawaii, on the southeast coast of the island of Oahu. The city is legally coextensive with the county of Honolulu, which includes the entire island of Oahu and most of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, from Nihoa to Kure Atoll, except Midway. The population of Oahu makes up 73% of the state's total population. It is situated in the central Pacific Ocean 2,397 mi west-southwest of San Francisco. Honolulu's name derives from the native words hono,meaning “a bay,” and lulu, meaning “sheltered.”

Honolulu's early history was one of turbulence and conflict. One of the last areas on the globe to be explored and exploited by Europeans (it was first visited by British captain James Cook in 1778), Hawaii was subject to strong pressures from many forces, including American missionaries, who arrived in 1820, and opportunistic whalers. These whalers were among those who built Honolulu originally, bringing trade, commerce, and prosperity that led to expansion into the sugar and pineapple industries.

As early as 1814, Russia tried to move in, and Russian soldiers built a bastion at the harbor's edge. The British flag was raised in 1843 and French forces occupied Honolulu in 1849. Each time control was returned to the independent native kingdom without bloodshed. In 1898, a group of Americans completed a project attempted at intervals during the previous 65 years—annexation to the United States. Honolulu was incorporated as a city in 1907.

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Honolulu's longitude and latitude are 21.3000° N, 157.8167° W. It is located in Hawaii.


Hawaii is hot,amazing view and can be dangerous.The danger lies in volcanoes.Hawaiian religion encompasses the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of the Native Hawaiians. It is unrelated to, although commonly confused with, the philosophy of Huna.Hawaii's popular sport is holua

The human environment interaction.

Volcanoes and Tsunamis are constantly changing Hawaii's features. When the lava cools it often changes the land around it, creating new islands. Tsunamis also change the land by destroying whatever is in its path, which causes the people to rebuild their land even more when they have to repair it.


people would move to Hawaii because it is beautiful and hot. A big reason some people would move away is volcanoes.


Hawaii is nice and warm,pretty and amazing views. there are beaches.cultures and sports worth learning, this is why I would like to move to hawaii
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