AP Language and Composition 11

March 2016

Late Work Policies

Planned Absences: I want to take the opportunity to remind parents and students if students leave for a planned absence (NMAA competitions, field trips and family vacations), all homework for AP Language and Composition must be turned before the absence. Students who do not turn in work in advance of their absence will receive a 50% late work grade for work turned within 24 hours after the absence. Work turned in more than 24 hours after the absence will receive a zero. This policy is per the LAHS Student Handbook and the AP Language and Composition syllabus.

Illness: If a student is ill, it is his/her responsibility to notify me as soon as possible of the illness and to give me a plan for making up missed work. I will always work with students who have been ill to create a reasonable schedule to make up work that will not further impact the health of your student.

Work Deadlines

The Great Gatsby

The final deadline for all work related to The Great Gatsby is this coming Thursday at 3:15 pm. No work related to The Great Gatsby will be accepted after Spring Break unless a student has negotiated extended time with me.

I will be grading all outstanding work over the Spring Break.

AP Exam Registration

Students have until this Wednesday (tomorrow) to register for the AP Language and Composition exam.

The registration form may be completed online; however, the registration process is not complete until the registration form and payment or proof of payment (if paying via Paypal) is submitted to Connie Goettee in the Career Resource Center. In order to receive a weighted grade for an AP course, students must take and pay for the AP Exam(s) in the spring. The cost is $92 per exam. If a student needs to take an AP exam during the makeup period (AP Alternate Date Exam Schedule), there is an additional $45 fee. Checks must be made payable to Los Alamos Public Schools.

More information on AP exams may be found here: http://laschools.net/Page/9021

Thinking About a Career in Medicine?

Multiple Avenues for Successful Healthcare Program

Los Alamos Medical Center

Los Alamos Medical Center and Los Alamos High School are pleased to offer the Multiple Avenues for Successful Healthcare (MASH) program to interested and eligible High School juniors and seniors. The goal of this program is to expose local students to the multiple career opportunities available in their home-town hospital.

The one week job shadowing experience will primarily occur on the Los Alamos Medical Center campus, at 3917 West Rd, Los Alamos, NM, during the week of June 20 – 24, 2016.

Students who are selected for the program must be able to devote one week of time from 7:30am until approximately 3pm (Monday-Friday). The early hours are designed to allow students to really observe the medical activities in many areas.

Students will be required to shadow multiple departments of the hospital and should dress appropriately; slacks, closed toed shoes and an appropriate polo-type shirt, (Business Casual please - no jeans, shorts, or flip flop shoes). Students will be on their feet walking, climbing and stretching as they follow hospital staff around and even participate in some activities. Good shoes (tennis shoes are best) are a must.

The shadowing will involve interactive work including a CPR class and other activities. Students will have exposure to patients, physicians and multiple staff members in the course of their shadowing time. In addition, lunch will be provided for students each day.

Students will attend a hospital orientation (parents are welcome as well) and will also have a graduation ceremony at the end of the project (parents also very welcome and encouraged to attend).

Students who miss more than 1 day of the program will not be able to finish the program, as it is very intense and builds upon each day’s exposure and learning.

This is intended as a brief description of the program. A detailed day by day schedule will be provided to students who are accepted into the MASH program.

Questions can be forwarded to Jacqueline Carroll, PHR, Human Resource Director, (O) 505-661-9551 or (C) 505-412-2537, or via email at Jacqui.carroll@lpnt.net.

Applications must be returned no later than April 1, 2016. Mrs. Batha and Mrs. Goettee in the Career Resource Center have applications.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!