Tervel Pulev



Tervel Venkov Pulev is born 10 January 1983. He is a Bulgarian boxer. He is the younger brother of European Super Heavyweight champion Kubrat Pulev. Tervel Pulev is best known for winning a bronze medal for Men's Boxing (Heavyweight division 91 kg) at the2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom.

His older brother Kubrat Pulev

Kubrat Venkov Pulevis born 4 May 1981.He is a Bulgarian professional boxer.Kubrat's nicknamed is "The Cobra". His fiancee is Andrea. Andrea is pop-folk singer. She is born 23 January 1987.

His son and girlfriend

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Tervel and Kubrat

Tervel and Borislav Boyadzhiev (his personal coach) are delighted with treats orphans in Blagoevgrad. Together with his brother Kubrat Pulev once again supported the initiative "The Bulgarian Christmas" Last Days Tervel has responded to the invitation of a group of 54 students - it school in Sofia. Tervel Pulev and Kubrat come from a patriotic family. They themselves are also patriots. Both pride of Bulgaria not only in the sporting sphere.
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