Celebrate Good Times- Come on!

News from the Social Committee

Social Fund

This year's Social Fund of $25 will go towards gifts for staff celebrating special events (we have a couple of weddings this year!!!!) and activities to unite our staff. Please contribute in the staff room.

Lunch Club

Staff who are interested can sign up to join the LUNCH CLUB. Sign up for one Friday by yourself or two Fridays with a buddy to make lunch for the club, then enjoy not packing your lunch Fridays for the rest of the year! Sign up is in the Staff room.

Birthday Buddies

You have each been assigned a birthday buddy. It’s your job on or near their birthday to do something small but special for them. I have included summer birthdays (July & August) during winter months; buddies for these people should select a day during that month to present your special birthday surprise for them!

We will still have cake together once a month to celebrate everyone’s birthday for that month. The buddies for that month will be responsible for getting together and coordinating the treats. Dates for celebration and buddies are listed below:

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