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7 Interesting Facts About Mobile App Addiction

There is no denying fact that we hardly pass any day without accessing any Mobile App Installed on our smartphones. Day by day, people go maniac over different mobile apps, but why don't they, because it has comforted our lives in the best way possible. At present, we can do almost everything with this handy way out, then whether it is about booking tables or ordering a surprise for your loved ones. Everything is possible.

With mobile apps competing demand, hundreds of apps are showing their presence on Google Play Stores with the aim of serving our needs. So, let's read some facts that will make you realize why we are addicted to mobile apps.

1. Heavily-costed smartphone users use 38% more mobile apps. One basic reason behind it is that mobile app designs for smaller devices are not that good.

2. As per GSMA's research, it has been predicted that in the coming five years, there will be 6 billion smartphone connections in the world.

3. Through analyses, we got to know that 63% of UK millennials goes for using mobile apps rather than any other source.

4. It has been predicted that by 2024, In UK, around 42% of the sales will be generated via mobile apps.

5. During this year, the rate of downloading paid mobile apps will rise to 13.49 billion.

6. By the next year, most probably, mobile app download will go 268.69 billion which shows a huge competition.

7. Mary Meeker's internet trends report discloses that around 1.6 billion people use smartphones and mobile apps too.

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