Flexography for Pocoloco Now

why Flexo printing is in such high demand today?

Demanding blue chip clients, bold graphics and performance-based practices, eco-friendly printing. These are the forces that define modern-day flexography. Once considered the lowest quality, rawest analog print form, it has evolved into a sophisticated art that today stands as the print process of choice across major packaging mediums such as paper, flexible polymers, metallic substrates etc.

That is why more than 70% of the printed packaging in the US and more than 60% in Europe is printed in Flexo!

Hatzopoulos, anticipating this demand of the market, has invested in state of the art equipment and prepress technology that ensures amazing printing reproduction for your brand and lower costs.

A pack of samples from our production is on its way to you Mrs Sampers. We will contact you in due time to see if you are interested in a special Flexo package deal we have to offer for Pocoloco.

Manolis Alexandrou

Account Manager Benelux

A. Hatzopoulos S.A.