Al Shabaab

Somali Terrorist Group

Who are they?

Al Shabaab is a terrorist group in East Africa that have murdered many innocent people in their efforts to turn Somalia into an Islamic fundamentalist country. In 2003 they took advantage of a dilapidated Somalian government to create this group (Yan, 2015). The government was so bad, in fact, the people of Somalia had no other choice than to put their faith in the radical group. However, they evolved into much more than that after aligning with al Qaeda and Boko Haram (Yan, 2015). Their acts of terror in East Africa is felt worldwide in nations such as the US who recognized Al Shabaab as a terrorist group in 2008 (“Who are Somalia’s al-Shabaab”, 2015).


2003- created, start campaign for Islamic rule over Somalia

2006- Seized control of capital, Mogadishu with alliance of Islamic courts before Ethiopia sent in troops

Feb 2008- US recognizes Al Shabaab as terrorist group

2009- Ethiopia leaves Mogadishu to Uganda and Kenyan troops

2010- suicide bombs set off in Uganda

2012-2014- 312 people are killed by Al Shabaab

September 2013- 60 murdered by Al Shabaab in Westgate Mall, Kenya

February 2014- Threat made by Al Shabaab to Mall of America

June 2014- 22 killed at UN Compound (Schuppe, 2015)

April 2, 2015- 147 killed at Garissa College in Kenya (“Who are Somalia’s al-Shabaab”, 2015)