Asta's son wanted!

By Ryan Gustafson

Asta's sinful son has run away!

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Asta's son broke into the manor house and stole money for his dying mother. He ran away from the priest when he asked him to pray at the cathedral. Asta's son also has been hiding in the forest from our search parties. He was caught spying on aycliffe and our important guest. Asta's son MUST be caught for all of these crimes! He is a wolves head so kill him on sight, or capture him for more money.


If you kill/capture Asta's son you shall be given 20 shillings for him alive, and 12 for him dead. Asta's son is a wolves head, but keep him alive for more shillings . If Asta's son is captured alive you will get a new house with not just one room but two. The house will also have a door! You will also get a small garden with the seeds for free. The last thing that you will get are 12 days off from work, and 4 pounds of meat! Remember he is hard to catch so be ready for a hard chase.


Report to stormford village and ask for Acliffe. You will be showed to the manor house and will be payed there.A meal will ready for you. Bring Asta's son dead or alive with you. You may stay for the night if you would like to.