Economics and Human Migration

Is human migration linked with economy?

What is human migration and economy

The term Human migration is used to explain the movement of people from one area to another, temporarily or permanently. Usually when a person or group of people move it is over a long distance, but in some cases people migrate locally. Economy is the wealth or resources of a country in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

Why do people choose to move?

Some might say that people migrate because of a bad economy, but some studies show that the majority of people who migrate are wealthy. People have been migrating for years due to different factors. Some people are drawn to places because of 'pull factors'.Others find it hard to stay where they are because of 'push factors'. A pull factor is a social or environmental benefit that draws people from one region to another. A push factor is a state that leaves people with no choice but to move from their origin.

Is it true that China's millionaires are migrating more than any other country?

"In modern times money moves around the world faster than ever, but it turns out that millionaires are becoming just as global." According to David M. Barreda, out of the super rich, {assets exceding u.s.$16 million} 33%have already migrated. People are wondering if this is really good for other countries and their population numbers. For rich Chinese citizens, the thresholds for migrating isn't high at all. To add to this many country's thresholds are dropping considerably.