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Toastmasters: learn easy-Speak in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Are you interested in learning more about easy-Speak?
  • Do you want to learn collaboratively with others who are new to easy-Speak?
  • Do you have a group of new club officers at your club who need training in using easy-Speak tools and strategies effectively?
  • Do you want to earn your easy-Speak Badges?

Then why not commit some quality learning time in July/August 2014 and join others who are enrolling in easy-Speak Made Easy!

The easy-Speak Made Easy course is available at any time for self-paced learning through self-enrolment, however, a facilitated version will also be available for those who wish to collaborate with others as they access, learn and complete the course. This is just in time for the Club Officer Changeover period.

easy-Speak facilitated online course 2014!

Groups of Toastmaster Club Officers whose clubs already use easy-Speak for club management, and who are new to their roles, would benefit from participating in the facilitated course in July/August 2014.

Individuals who wish to learn more about how to use easy-Speak effectively as members, club officers or web masters would also benefit from participating in the facilitated course in July/August 2014.

You can self-enrol here (password = easyspeak)


register here. (username and password will be sent to you)

Learning Webinars

Webinars in the Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classroom will be scheduled during the weeks of July and August, and will feature guest easy-Speak Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


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“Participating in the pilot easy-Speak Made Easy course enabled me to learn the system quickly and easily. Before completing the course I was able to present the concept to our club and all agreed it was the way ahead. Carole provided extra support throughout the course and my emails were answered promptly and helpfully. I’ll be presenting this at Club Officer Training in June and hope that more people will see the benefit of modernising their systems.”