Native American traditions-

Native American oral traditions

What is the function of myth?

  • to explain humanity
  • natural phenomena
  • to teach moral lessons to younger ones
  • to record their past
  • to give a verbal culture lesson
  • to give description of landmarks
  • use personification of animals
  • to be a role model

What are the types of myths?

  • how do beings exist in the world?(Creation myth)
  • how stars moon and mountains became important to tradition(origin myth)
  • a few stories contain both creation and origin myths

What is oral tradition?

  1. began about 40,000 years ago
  2. each culture had their own mythology
  3. each had its own literature
  4. stories passed down form generation in huts and ceremonies
  5. stories and history told of its close relation with the natural world
  6. created by all people

What is a Archetype?

  • symbol of stories patterns or character types that is found from literature
  • Hero wise man and tricksters are examples of characters.
  • Good and Evil life and death and knowledge are examples of symbolism