Warren Middle School

Join our never-ending sports/clubs!


The purpose of Band is for students to become great musicians. Being in band lets you meet the best of friends. On the other hand, you have wonderful band directors, for which teach us the the art of music. Although, you have good directors and learn to make music you get to learn to read music. This may be a challenging class by learning how to play your instrument.

Cross Country~

The true purpose of Cross Country is to be ranked in a place in a two mile race. One good thing about cross country is that is that you get to leave seventh period for all of each of the four meets. For each meet you can set a goal to what place you might get. Most of all, you get cheered on by your coach and parent(s) throughout the race. At the aftermath of running you get to brag because you've just made a great place. It might be harsh since there are TONS of girls running altogether.

Student Aides~

The major purpose of Student Aides are to help out the teachers in their classrooms. You get to be in that class for a whole period while, you get to help students understand better about what they are learning. You also get to act like your the teacher by grading the papers. CAUTION: This may be very time consuming due to although being put to work throughout the classroom.

Musical Theatre~

The purpose of Musical Theatre is to learn the life of being onstage. You get to sing and dance altogether but, you have to be quite talented. In addition, you get to have glorious costumes to wear. You also get to have good-times with your many friends you'll make. This might be hard because of all of the dance techniques. To all all of the dance techniques; you have to be flexible.


The purpose of art is to let kids show their one-hundred thousand creative artistic abilities. Most of all, you get to be an artist. While you can make many projects; you can make many crafts and designs.CAUTION: This might be a tough class the projects you'll make might be for a grade.