Middle Ages Project

By: Sydney Boykin

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Feudal System

1) The King- Owned all the land and creates all the laws and rules over all of the citizens, he gave land to the Lords and nobles.

2) Lords/Nobles- They supply the king with soldiers and horses for his army, and they gave land to the soldiers.

3) Soldiers/Knights- In return for the land; the knights and soldiers help fight and gave services to the king.

4) Peasants- They worked for land and in return for their services the knights and nobles offered them protection.

Knights and Soldiers

Knights and soldiers were very different in the Middle Ages. they had different roles and different things they would carry into battle.

Knights- He first had to become a page at the age of seven. He would learn to crave meat, serve meals, and run errands in his father's liege lord's castle. Then, at age fourteen, the page would become a squire. He learned to ride a horse, hunt, wrestle, and use weapons. He would also have to clean the lord's armor, look after the horses, and follow the lord into battle. If he proved his skills by the time he was between 18 and 21, the squire would become a knight. Knights usually fought for the king 40 days a year. They wore armor of chain mail and iron plates; the horses they rode on were called destriers.

Soldiers- Foot soldiers, as in the name, fought on foot using swords, spears, axes, and daggers. Archers were positioned in the back and used longbows and crossbows to fire arrows overhead towards the opposing side. Pikemen held long spear-like weapons called pikes to form a protecting wall of menacing points. As you can see, war must've been very confusing in the Middle Ages: a pandemonium of people, weapons, and horses all trying to kill each other.

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Roman Catholic Church

Church Hierarchy- There were many different roles in a Catholic Church. First was the Pope who was the head of the church and who got to talk about all faith and morals. Next is the Bishop who is like the priest; he is the teacher and practices the religion. Then is the Priest, he controls the sacraments like marriage and baptisms. Last is the Deacon who is like an apprentice to the Priest.

Popes and Kings- The Pope had rule over the King because the practices of the church played a huge role in peoples daily life and being the head of the church the Pope gave a lot of influence towards the king.

Commoners and Peasants- All classes were affected by the church because they had such a high authority and the church soon taxed people saying that it would give you everlasting life.

Motivations of Different Religions Caused by the Crusades

The Crusades were a series of religious and political wars fought between 1096 and 1291 for control of the Holy Land. Pope Urban II initiated the First Crusade in order to aid the Christian Byzantine Empire.

Christianity- Christians understood the Crusades as a path to salvation for those who participated. They would say that if you did not accept Christianity that you would be persecuted.

Jews- The call for the First Crusade touched off new persecutions of the Jews that would continue on and off for centuries. The Jews mainly wanted to defend their land and practice their religion. The Christians took over Jerusalem and the Muslims had inhabited it too.

Muslims- Saladin uses the word of God and makes people feel like God wants them to eradicate Muslims from Jerusalem. During the fight for Holy Land some of it went to the Christians and some went to the Muslims.



The Black Plague is spreading around the country and is very deadly. different types can effect your lymphatic, circulatory, and the respiratory systems. Symptoms are bleeding, seizures, chest pain, coughing up blood, and fevers. Deaths range from 7 days to less than a day. If you know someone who is infected leave them immediately.

To Whom it may Concern

Dear Editor,

The black plague has really taken its tool on everyone. Especially in the towns and villages. My younger brother got sick so my parents and I had to leave him behind when we moved. Now we have very little and we think my mother might have caught the plague also. Our old town is now nothing but burnt down houses and piles of dead people. Don't take your chances with the plague and leave anyone who is infected or might be infected.

-A peasant