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Fantastic Videos from NBC Learn


As the end of the school year draws near, several students are finishing up projects and other assignments. However, there may be some extra time in a day, or even in a week to insert another short lesson. A site I recently came across is NBC Learn, a site that includes videos involving the science of several topics. Anything from golf, to football, to innovation, these videos are excellent resources.

PLEASE NOTE: If you come across a page that asks for AEA credentials, please click the "Free Resources" tab. These videos and resources are available in that location.

Content Areas Available

The videos included are divided up into several different categories, making them ideal for all content areas. The four that these videos are made up of are: STEM, Language Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Other, which encompasses videos not encompassed in other subject areas.

Types of Videos

Once a video topic is selected, you are directed to another page with additional videos explaining the topic in more detail. Sometimes 10 or more videos are included! A few examples are "The Mysteries of the Brain," "When Nature Strikes - The Science of Natural Hazards," and my personal favorite, "The Science of NHL Hockey." There are several other videos that dive further into these categories, so if you have a minute, check them out!

Supplemental Materials

What makes NBC Learn such a valuable resource is what's included with each video. There is a transcript available for viewing as the movie plays, but the best part are the lessons associated with the videos! For example, under the "Science of NHL Hockey Category," there are 10 videos that deal with different aspects of hockey. One is the geometry of hockey using obtuse angles. This includes two lessons, one for the geometry of hockey for grades 5-8 and another lesson for students in grades 9-12! What a terrific resource to use to explore these topics!

Additional Resources

Not only are there lessons associated with each set of videos, within the lesson description additional resources are provided. These are links to outside resources to further dive into the highlighted topic. These videos and resources are a fantastic resource for students to use to learn more about hockey, golf, the NFL, chemistry, or even the sinking of the Titanic!

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