Puerto Rico

Travel Brochure

Physical Geography

*Puerto Rico cover's 5,324

*Puerto Rico's climate is mildly tropical

*Puertorico's average tempature is between 70 to 80 degree's year round

Cultural geography

*Puerto Rico has a commonwealth government

*Puerto Rico has a 27 seat senate

*Puerto Rico is largly democratic


*Tourism provide's most of the nation's jobs

*Puerto Rico's unemployment rate is higher than the U.S

*The U.S dollar is currency in Puerto Rico

Day 1 in Puerto Rico


Check into the Conrad San Juan Candado Plaza and Resort

Then go to the beach

Then eat at Pikayo $50


Day 2 in Puerto Rico

Eat breakfast at Under The Tree's $30

Go Scuba Diving $190

Eat at Ben and Jerry's $20

Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico Museum

Eat at Niche Restuarant $100

Day 3 in Puerto Rico

Eat breakfeast at Under the Tree's $30

Zip-Lining $290

Pizza e Birra $30

Segway tour's of Puerto Rico $50

Trina Taras $60

Day 4 in Puerto Rico

Eat At Under the Tree's $30

Take Surfing lesson $154

Eat at Ben & Jerry's $20

Go to the beach

Eat at Pikayo $50

Day 5 in Puerto Rico

Eat at Under the Tree's

Kayaking $196

Pizza e birra $30


Eat at Roth's and Chirs Steak House $75

Day 6 in Puerto Rico

Eat at Under the tree's $30

Camuy Caves $220

Eat at Ben and Jerry's $20

Shopping $1500

Eat at Niche Resturant $100

Day 7

Eat at Under the Tree's $30

Travel Home

Total Cost $6623