Mountains All the Way to the City


In Colorado there are many different mountains and trails to hike on! The trails are always very beautiful and you get a great look of nature by walking through them. Many peopled who live in the mountains of Colorado go hiking almost everyday. It is a good way to get your daily exercise. A lot of people also like to walk their dogs up the mountains and let them explore the nature around them. There are so many mountains and trails that it is impossible to do them all. The nature around you is always so beautiful and makes your hike a lot of fun!


Frisco in a small town in Colorado that is a lot of fun. Anyone who lives near the town likes to go there to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a great for family or friends to meet up. Frisco is not very big but there is a lot to do. It has cute little shops and restaurants that are always interesting to visit. One thing that I really enjoyed while in Frisco was a small museum that taught us a lot about the history of Colorado. In summer there is even life music in the town! It was a lot of fun.
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Snowboarding and Skiing

Colorado is well known for its thrilling rides down the mountains. There are so many people who go to a ski resort everyday! "Ski bums" show off their skills while tourist attempt to go down the treacherous mountains. There are so many different ski resorts that you can go to, to experience new trails. Some mountains can take a long time to get up. So, you have to sit on the chairlifts with the wind and snow blowing in your face! In Colorado it can get very cold so anyone who goes to ski or snowboard knows to dress very warm. There is also a couple lodges/places to eat and rest. Friends meet there to take a break or after a long day of skiing and snowboarding. It is always very fun!

Hot Springs

Colorado's hot springs give you the chance to lay outside in your bathing suit while it's snowing. There are many resorts to stay at near the hot springs with many activities to do. There are many hot springs and they're each unique. Some you have to hike to and some are near rivers. It is a great way to relax and spend your evening.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Colorado is a lot of fun. Your group gets assigned a guide that leads you through the bumpy river. He/she will tell you when and how to paddle. The cold water splashes on you as you go through and gets you wet! The river is challenging to get through. There's sharp turns and lots of bumps but it is a lot of fun!
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"Nothing beats the steep slopes covered in snow."

-Magdalena Pelko (aunt)

What I Loved

I thought Colorado was amazing. There is so much to do and see each day! You can explore the mountains and walk through the city. My favorite part was probably skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. My aunt lives there and has lots of experience with the snow/mountains. So, she teaches me how to go down the steep slopes. Colorado was a lot of fun!